@iurio.art - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight’s queer artist feature is @iurio.art

Hello, my name is Iúrio, I'm 25 years old, and I'm a Brazilian illustrator.

I graduated in journalism two years ago, but I have always worked with graphic design and nowadays art has been my job beyond my greatest pleasure.

Three years ago I created a line of stationery products with prints inspired by the visuality of northeastern Brazil, where I live (Ceará) and today my drawings are printed from notepads to framed pictures. Some invitations to collaborate with printing and artistic exhibition projects have emerged and now I am not total unknow as I was a year ago.

I'm still starting my artistic journey, but I've already worked as a cartoonist and also as a fashion columnist on a local news portal. Journalism is restrictive with LGBTQ + people, it is a field that demands masculinity and heteronormativity from a male reporter.

I was happy to be able to act in the area of fashion news, which is a subject that I really appreciate, but I realized that in journalism they do not associate credibility with dense news called by men with effeminate performance like mine. My luck is that art embraces queer people.

I seek a lot of inspiration in music because the queer art looks more triumphant. Besides Gaga, I am very inspired by Arca and Bjork, I love them. Many musical styles affect me, they can call me a little monster and an army... And at Visual Arts my greatest references are Da Vinci, Frida and Van Gogh... I love the work of digital living artists like Moon (@moon_mxtr), Janice Sung (@janicesung) and Moy González (@moygogo). 

In quarantine I was able to produce illustrations with social sensitivity and this generated very positive results. Many people started to follow and share my drawings.

I love to draw things that people like to reflect, have fun and even get emotional.

I really like to think that my work also inspires other people. I am self-taught in drawing, my hobby since childhood, it is gratifying to realize that it has become my job. I want to be able to take my art to as many people as possible and touch them with my work.

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