Ivor Lane - The Art of Being Queer Podcast - Episode 3

We are excited to announce the release of episode three of The Art of Being Queer Podcast featuring the wonderful @_ivorlane_

Artist Statement

I'm Ivor Lane, a non-binary, fem singer songwriter from Chicago IL. I'd love to be featured/reviewed/interviewed, in any capacity y'all see fit! I just released my first single and video, which can be found on my website, ivorlane.com. They come from my EP, Postplay, which is tentatively set for release on March 29th. It's pretty surreal to be stepping into this role as a singer, considering I was always ridiculed for my soft voice. As a kid I tried my hardest to suppress the queerness inside of me, to kill my femininity. But as I grew and discovered more of myself and the world, I realized my only path to survival was through self acceptance. My discovery of my queerness coincided with the discovery of my musical voice. In my songs there is a lot of pain and solitude. But there is optimism as well, and strength. I hope y'all will be some of the first to showcase my work, and that we can develop a partnership! This is the very beginning of my story, I have 10s of songs written, waiting to be made into future albums, and I have allot of knowledge and queerness to share with the world! 

The third episode features non-binary singer-songwriter, Ivor Lane. We discuss their wonderful debut album Postplay and their experience as a non-binary artist.

I want to thank Ivor for sharing such an interesting interview. I would also like to thank our Patreon supporters @damodami and @alphawings. If you would like to support the project and get early access to future episodes head over to our Patreon linked below!

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