@jamesdeandoesotherstuff - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight’s fabulous queer artist feature is @jamesdeandoesotherstuff

Artist Statement:

The common thread throughout my portrait work comes from my experience growing up and struggling with identity and growing up gay in Texas. Being marginalized and othered forces us to take on different personas/ chang personality to fit a current environment through code switching, the way we dress, the affects in our speech...etc.

Most of my portraiture ‘subjects’ are a composite of features borrowed from multiple people spliced into a new person from uncanny valley. Having a background in photography and an extensive library of headshots and portraiture to take from I found a way around the sometimes crippling social anxiety that I had lived with. Being able to bypass finding and shooting models allowed me to expand what I was able to express through the medium and experiment how far I could push photographs by incorporating other art forms like digital painting and multimedia techniques.

Pop culture, beauty, fashion, design and surrealism are major influences in my work.

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