Jamie Shaw - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight’s queer artist feature is Jamie Shaw

Artist statement:

"Jamie Shaw is a British artist based in London. Shaw treats his practice as a realm of personal expression for lived experience, believing that the personal is political. He works with intention to create intimate, sentimental musings which express desire, longing, and failures in dreaming. Shaw aims to create poetic encounters of a vision informed both by the minority queer experience and myths of the artist as ‘outsider’ which emerged with Romance. The work expresses personal struggles in desire and constitutes a flawed quest for innocence and ‘pink utopia’, questioning traditional notions of masculinity whilst reaching for the Sublime. 

Shaw works incessantly to create his own mythology, and his gods live on a pink cloud. Shaw's paintings provide emotive moments of self-reflection, poetry, escapism and melancholy."




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