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Tonight's queer artist feature is @jasoncarrartist

Artist Statement

I saw a project started by an amazing portrait artist called @tomcroftartist who wanted to thank nhs workers for everything they are doing for us all.So he got a load of artists involved through #portraitsfornhsheroes where nhs workers could nominate themselves and get paired with an artist and get their portrait made for them.

Artwork Above:

"Tara, she was nominated by her sister and here is what she had to say... this is my sister Tara. A Support Care Night Nurse On the C19 wards at the PRUH Bromley Locksbottom. Tara was a SCNN on the dementia wards until they switched to C19 overnight. She’s been a passionate carer for over 21 years but this is a nightmare she or any of the Frontliners were not prepared for. At best she is strong & motivated by caring at worst her heart is breaking for the astounding amount of death around her. She is struggling for PPE & dealing with helping everyone but herself (I’m doing that by listening to her & Fighting her cause). I love her, she is the Country’s Hero & I’d love for her to feel elevated from this nightmare for just a while by having her portrait for life. Thank you Tara 💙💙💙"

I chose to do three as I didn’t feel one was enough to say thanks.All 3 are such dedicated and selfless people.There may be an exhibition of all the work once this is all over which will be quite a powerful and moving event.To see all the works go to #portraitsfoenhsheroes

Artwork Above:

"This is @matt_collis and this is his story

Matt Collis

ICU RN at Salford Royal Hospital

How I am

The main emotion I feel now is pride in the team I work with, and the patients themselves. We have all banded together and even though we all wobble at times, occasionally tempers are short but everyone is being so kind and understanding towards one another. The sense of pride I have particularly for our ward nurse colleuges who have come to help us on ICU is overwhelming, they are not in their own teams and are vital to keeping patients safe in these unpredictable times.

My colleagues

Every single colleague I have is incredible, I knew this before COVID19 however the recent health climate has shown just how amazing they all are. We are all struggling at one time or another but everyone is willing to share a listening ear over a cuppa which for the time being is enough to get back on the floor."

Artwork Above:

"Sandra and her teams story 💙💙💙 I spoke to some of my colleagues and when I asked them how they feel, they reacted the same way I did: “ooh let me think about that”. And when they did, what they expressed was how I felt too.

We do not think we are heroes at all. We like everyone else, just want to help. It just happens that the way for us to help is to use whatever training, skills and experience we have to help the people who are most unwell.

Shabina and I were redeployed from the same department to ITU.

Shabina: “When I was told of my redeployment to ITU, amongst other feelings, I felt anxiety. I had never worked there before but also worried about the risk of more exposure to COVID-19. My concerns were allayed almost from day one of working in the unit. The entire team have been overwhelmingly supportive and welcoming.

Even though everyone is aware of the frightening circumstances around us, we soldier on and work to the best of our ability, as a team.

Vinay has worked longer than both of us on ITU. When he finished med school 9 months ago, he had no idea he was going to be part of something this crazy.

However, this pandemic more than anything else made him realise how right he was to pick medicine as a career. Even in the most difficult of moments he was happy that that he could help those that really needed it.

It’s scary for us. As healthcare professionals, this is uncharted territory.

However it’s scarier for the patients, especially those most ill with the virus who need the rapid response team- feeling themselves get worse, being told they need to be put to sleep and intubated. It’s on us to communicate the best way possible and keep them calm.

We’re grateful to be part of a team that is able to give the care that these patients need.

We’re doing what we always have, which is show up"

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