Jezzelle Kellam - The Art of Being Queer

Tonight's queer artist feature is Jezzelle Kellam

Jezzelle Kellam

Representing the body in its honest appearance is where my practice has led me. By feeling and looking beyond the flesh, I have used this as a vehicle for my ongoing oeuvre that articulates how I, and many others feel. By breaking down the form to its honest and raw self and by bridging the gap between the body and mind, I attempt to encapsulate the physical, psychological, and physiological properties of what it is like to inhabit a human body, by portraying the body in its reality, not a photoshopped, pristine, propaganda image.

The work stirs the viewer to create their own subjective narratives through the use of ambiguous compositional elements. It’s important that the artwork generates a discussion and intrigues the audience. The ambiguoity of the works encourage for discourse to roam where it needs to go, not where I actually intended. Ultimately creating an answer, in the moment, based on the viewers realities. Conceptually the works are looking beyond the flesh, my subject matter expresses bodily experiences, metaphors and concepts that occupy the minds of society.

Jezzelle Kellam


The Art of Being Queer

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