@jose_illustration - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight's queer artist feature is @jose_illustration

Artist Statement:

I’m a Berlin-based visual artist creating digital illustrations that touch gender, queer culture and humor.

The last couple of years, I have found the smartphone to be a great illustration medium. Unlike tablets, paper or canvases, it inspires a more fluid and fun workflow where your finger becomes a pencil or a brush. Working on such a small scale also helps create images that feel native to social media platforms.

My illustrations aim to be snapshots of many queer fantasies—from vanilla to kinky. They are a way for me to explore my own erotism and queerness, and sharing this process with a wider audience.

I want to make people feel warm and jolly, make them laugh or feel horny. I want to invite the viewer to reflect on their inner queerness or just have fun exploring the beauty and intensity of queer fantasies.

Referencing pop culture, old movie posters, graphic novels and vinil covers, helps me create images that balance nostalgia, dreaminess and horniness.

Humor is a key ingredient of my creative work. I believe that adding irony and quirkiness to my illustrations helps them feel more natural, relatable and less of a taboo.

It has been very exciting to receive such a positive and joyous response from the audience. I feel particularly encouraged by the reaction of those outside the queer scene, as this signals that my work is telling the right story in the right way. 

Recently, I have created AH (@ahgazine), a private Instagram page where I publish the spicier side of my work, for those who are ready to go deeper on that journey.



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