Tonight’s queer artist feature is @jxckson.music


Sweet and tasty, "Mango" is the steal-your-man queer anthem you've been waiting for all summer. Jxckson found inspiration from reggaeton music, the '90s, and a weird dream about a snake-charmer. From that, Jxckson created this cheeky and confident song, brimming with juicy lyrics like "I think it's about time you let your mango" and "Make his mouth water like juicy fruit". The "Mango" music video continues the '90s spirit with a Fresh Prince-inspired rooftop dance video.

Artist Bio:

Hailing from Austin, Jxckson is a pop artist and dancer that uses melodies and lyrics to tell a story. Jxckson was recently mentioned on PAPER for his help in suggesting the name for Kiso's online Queerantine show.  

Jxckson's artistry is fueled by his love for the late '90s and early 2000 pop music scene and his 12-year long-running obsession with K-Pop. Jxckson took flight in November 2019 with his debut single “Icarus” - where he played across genre lines. His latest single "Ready for Love?" explored the familiar feelings of wanting to take a relationship to the next level. Backed by a chill, Latin-inspired guitar instrumental "Ready for Love?" is perfect for bringing in the Summer vibes. 

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