Kai D. Janik - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight’s queer artist feature is Kai D. Janik

Artist Bio:

My name is Kai D. Janik. I am a visual artist, art therapist and trans activist/human rights activist. I was born in Ulm (Germany) in 1990. After living and studying in Cardiff (Wales) I am now working in the area of Stuttgart (Germany). When I realised how much art helped me with my transition, I began to look for ways to support people through art. I also found that while I can't explain things like dysphoria through words, I can help people gain an understanding through art. I am seeking to capture the essence of complicated situations and emotional states. Studying Art Therapy heavily influenced my artwork. Through experiments with three dimensional work and room installations, I discovered video as a medium. In my portrait series I am playing with materials that don't seem to fit at first. I paint portraits, mostly men, and an intuitive approach allows me to explore what masculinity means for me. For me, creating art is at first a process of craving knowledge and researching. This involves the unfiltered collecting of information and emotions, which are then further compressed and intensified, based on the belief that the core that remains of a topic will provide a link for the self reflection of the viewers. Video and Installation allow me to add many layers and address many senses not only in space but also in time. Questions about identity as well as the visualisation of my experiences as a trans person and offering this knowledge as a source of possible self reflection to other people, are core aspects of my work.

My newest work is what I call an online media collage about dysphoria and transmasculinity, for which I recently received a prize from my University, can be seen at www.kaidjanikart.com/medusozoa

My website is www.kaidjanikart.com My Instagram @kai.d.janik.art

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