@katejessopfilm - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight's queer artist feature is @katejessopfilm

Artist Bio:

Kate Jessop is regarded as a pioneer of Queer Animation, creating ground breaking award winning films showcasing the queer perspective through animation. She enjoyed her first retrospective this year in America at the Gilbert Baker Film Festival and was selected both as a director and with the series for the 2019 Berlinale Talent Lab. She has spoken at numerous conferences including  Goldsmiths College, The Royal College of Art and ‘Queering Animation’ the first ever symposium at the University of Hull. Her multi award winning digital series ‘Tales From Pussy Willow’ was picked up for distribution by REVRY, the first global queer streaming service and has won various awards including Best LGBTQ and Best Comedy Series at London Short Series, Best Low Budget at London Short Film Festival and various animation awards. 

I’m So Queer series:

Hand lettering illustrating the lines of Queerer Than Thou taken from my comedy series Tales From Pussy Willow. It examines the often toxic inter-fighting and competitive nature that can happen in the queer community.

Life Drawings:

During lock down I participated in various Zoom life drawing classes to support out of work dancers, strippers and sex workers. These were taken from a session with the Berlin Strippers Collective.

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