@kenziesitterud - The Art of Being Queer - BLOG 13

Tonight’s wonderful queer artist feature is @kenziesitterud

Artist statement:

I am Kenzie Sitterud, a queer artist working in the medium of immersive installation as environments for queer education and visual impact.

Sitterud designs work expressing the dysphoric environment the queer community faces in a heteronormative world. The crafting of these spaces correlates to the precarious anxiety queer individuals experience in a society that is neither designed for, nor inclusive of, their queerness. This body of work contains The Kitchen Table, The Wardrobe, The Dinning Table, The Bathroom, and The Bedroom.

I am about to take over the Denver Art Museum at the end of May, and I just finished the first ever art ride, a theme park ride at Elitch Gardens with Meow Wolf.

Thank you so much for sharing these stunning pieces with us! Make sure to follow the artist and The Art of Being Queer for more fabulous queer content!