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We are excited to be exclusively premiering the incredible new visuals for “Knees” by E. Alvin


Knees is the lead single following “appetite” and it’s the second visual in the storyline for Limbs: Volume II. Imagine you found a tape under your basement stairs. Tucked away in a shoe box, stumbled upon by sheer luck. That’s what I wanted this to feel like. Horror has always been a love of mine so I always try to throw in easter eggs in my visuals.

I took inspiration from “Psycho”, “The Ring” “Resident Evil”, etc and then I tried to channel that into a tainted VHS tape. Something that was intended for one viewer and one viewer only. I wanted it to feel invasive and a little voyeuristic.

The peep hole shot was made up of wallpaper and what’s wreathing beyond that wall is up for interpretation. For me it’s the fear of being one hundred percent yourself. The little brain bug glitching the bigger picture, telling you anything and everything negative. The shame of exploring sexuality because of the things placed on us as children. Whether that be religion, family beliefs, etc. The projector man was to counteract that in a way. He was meant to personify digital desires. Like your web history just personified itself.

There are a lot of static themes in this era, too. Like an image not fully rendered or processed. I’ve been referencing video games a lot lately. These worlds are created but when something goes wrong it can glitch or crash. Sometimes I (lightly) attribute that to our brains. The way we process shame, how it always seems to be the bug in the embedded coding. In order to be fully liberated you have to look through all the grain and bleeding colors that are keeping you from feeling not only sexually accepted but sexually vulnerable without out any inhabitations.

I wanted the static and video game concept to translate even in the physical release. For the hard copies of “Limbs: Volume II” I wanted them to feel like a used survival horror video game you found on sale in the PS2 section of Game Stop. I try and make sure the world of “knees”, of “Limbs” itself, is translated in the real world, too. My favorite artists have always been immersive with their art. I want people to feel that with mine. Like they can pluck out a memento right from the record or visuals themselves and keep it as a souvenir.

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The Art of Being Queer

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