Lance Victor Moore - The Art Of Being Queer

Tonight’s queer artist feature is Lance Victor Moore. We had the pleasure of speaking with Lance to discuss his incredible avant-garde fashion and the exciting things 2020 has brought to the designer.

Lance Victor Moore is an American couture fashion and accessories designer from San Francisco, CA.

Ahead of the times, Moore was creating fashionable masks long before the COVID-19 Pandemic hit. In 2016 Lance created a stunning collection of masks for Emily Payne (of Project Runway and Project Runway Allstars), complementing their line during New York's Fashion Week.

Could you tell us a little about your experience at New York Fashion Week?

Well my experience at New York Fashion Week was... hectic. We got off our plane and went straight to the church where we were having the show. Models, 6 designers , MUA and hair everywhere. I was lucky I was there with my great friend and fellow designer Emily Payne,it was a great first experience, I learned a lot that first time and it’s a valued memory.

This year Lance had the dream collaboration of any designer, working on several pieces worn by Lady Gaga. Moore created masks and accessories which Gaga used for multiple projects, events, and photo shoots during the Chromatica era. At this year's VMA's Gaga wore two of the designer's pieces - the now-iconic horn mask and crown.

What it was like watching the VMAs?

It was like being awake in a dream. I mean I’m a huge fan of Lady Gaga already so to know beforehand that she would be in my work was just so much excitement but also anticipating. Then when I saw she wore TWO of my pieces? I was just... crying and speechless... thank god my amazing boyfriend was there to keep me calm and centered . But yes it was... absolutely life changing. In that moment I had a brand and a name . It was... amazing. And as if that wasn’t enough , the next day Gaga’s stylist texted me to look for Billboard magazine because my work was included there as well ... and this was all BEFORE the “911” video dropped chaotic but wonderful.

What it was like seeing your pieces in the 911 video and how much did you know about it beforehand?

I knew a little bit before the video was shot . My work had been requested by Gaga’s stylist and so I created the two looks for Gaga as a special request since Red/Gold and silver would be themes for the video. I didn’t know much else since it was referred to as the “secret project “ at the time by everyone. My boyfriend and I drove to LA from SF to drop things off personally and make sure it arrive in perfect condition . Everyone was really kind and cool and enthusiastic.... then I just waited a week and we heard back that both pieces were used in the video but I didn’t know in what way... when I saw the video the first time it was just cool . My BF is Mexican , so we have a great affinity for Freida Kahlo in our house , so I was really happy with the look that was with the gold mask especially.

Photographer: @charlesschoenberger

Hair: @michaelforrey

MU/model: @kxle

Mask: @lance.v.moore

Fashion: @emilysuepayne

Do you have anything exciting your working on coming up?

Yes my work was recently featured on the digital cover for Visual Tales Magazin. I also just had my work shot with a very famous model ( who I can’t name until publication) for a ‘V’-ery big fashion magazine... so I’m hoping my mask makes the final spread... wish me luck ! I’m also working on a small fashion film and I’m always creating new things!

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