Milkyway Art - The Art of Being Queer

Tonight's queer artist feature is Milkyway Art

Artist Bio:

My name is Salvador Llancaleo, better known as Milkyway Art. I am a Graphic Designer, Plastic Artist, and Illustrator from Chile.

As a visual artist, it all started as a hobby, creating products in porcelain. With which I ended up getting the most out of it in "Eljuegos e 'la Botota" (2015) and for Javiera Mena in his "Otra Era Tour" that same year.

At the same time, I launched my first exhibition in collaboration with Retrovisión optics, exhibiting 13 glasses intervened with porcelain, expressing surreal worlds inspired by pop culture, culminating all this in an editorial photo session where I was in charge of the production and direction of the project. with Ariel Fuentes (director of photography).

I am currently dedicating myself to illustration, taking full advantage of my imagination, freelance graphic design and with all this material I present myself at design events where I can continue to express to the world all my love for art

"You will shine again and with more intensity"

Milkyway Art

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The Art of Being Queer

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