@lorenzarts - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight’s queer artist feature is @lorenzarts

Artist Statement:

I'm an Italian lesbian artist named Lorenza. I'm self-taught and have been rekindling my childhood visual-artist tendencies for a couple of years. I struggle to explain my art still, because it doesn't have all the body I want it to have yet. Right now, what I make is saturated, and I push myself to make it more so, and gay, and I push myself to make it more so. I mostly pick up my tablet for celebration, but I don't keep out what’s raw and sacred. I deliberately centre bodies that take space, I have made it part of my style to make those bodies the norm, both to outwardly oppose societal standards and to inwardly heal. I aim to extend that to all the biases I'm unlearning, and so hopefully contribute to the unlearning of others.

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