Luke Carter - The Art of Being Queer Podcast - Season 2 Episode 2

Episode two of the second season features Luke Carter. We discuss his stunning work, Grindr culture, and threesomes. 

Artist bio:

I developed a strong interest in illustration ( as I saw it- art for a purpose ) in college, after making art throughout my childhood. I went on to study a BA in Illustration at The University of the West of England.  I was driven chiefly by a passion for producing images related to social issues, politics, and history. Since January 2018 I live and work in Leipzig, Germany. In Germany, I have begun to develop my own individual art practice alongside illustration work. In my personal work, I often explore themes related to sexuality and my own identity as a gay man.

"First Contact"

"Close Encounter"

"Need a Hand"


"Queer Party"


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