@lungfriend - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight’s queer artist feature is @lungfriend

Artist Bio:

My name is Sam and I'm a digital artist from the UK.

Although I love traditional art, my digital art is my most expressive as it allows me to make anything that comes to mind with the least amount of hindrance and without compromising my ideas. They range from bizarre, to creepy, to dreamlike depending on what I feel like making.

In terms of style, my more detailed work is heavily inspired by dreams, daydreams, and the experience of sensory overload that comes with having ASD. I like to take advantage of how chaotic things can feel and make it into an attempt at representing what's happening in my head in a way that I think looks harmonious.

As for subject matter, I make a lot of art centered around queer people and diversity in body shape, skin colour, and gender, because I want to be able to create an array of different types of people in a vibrant and exciting way. I also just appreciate being able to make things that celebrate queer love and sexuality. Making these pieces is my own form of pride, and I want to share them with anyone who identifies with them or appreciates them.

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