@manny_minnie - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight‘s queer artist feature is @manny_minnie

Artist Bio:

In the beginning of this year I was diagnosed with HIV stage 4 which is progression to aids. During that time I struggled with depression and the loss of my grandmother who was my soul mate. In many ways she’s the reason for my creative process. In march I had to be quarantined due to COVID-19 and my immune system living with aids. That’s when I decided to get sober I have dealt with alcoholism and drug usage for many years because of my HIV status I learned that the drinking I was doing wasn’t helping my immune system but in fact making me worse. And there’s nothing worse then being so close to death. When I sought help from A.A. I decided to start painting through my sobriety. Before this I never really tried painting but my higher power told me to paint so I did I like to consider myself Buddhist and catholic a Buddhaolic if you will. And through my sobriety of living alcohol and drug free and through my HIV recovery from aids to undetected and healing through my eating disorders, I found color I found light I found darkness and I found shapes. I utilized these to make portraits. Through my struggles and COVID Quarantine I found my purpose and that’s reaching and helping others understand their struggles by showing them my art. I like to call it postmodern renaissance pop art. I invite you to follow my page and ask any questions you may like. Love and light

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