"Meet Me on The Moon" - Jayse Vegas ft. Robert Garcia

Check out the brand new music video for "Meet Me on The Moon" by Jayse Vegas ft. Robert Garcia

About the artists:


Jayse Vegas, 25, is an independent artist, born and raised in New York City. Known by his fresh lyrics and music that makes you want to dance, as well as his accomplishments within NYC's LGBT nightlife. 
 Vegas writes and produces music for himself, and has lent those talents to others. You can find Jayse Vegas featured on songs by Robert Garcia, Christopher Ambrose, Honey Davenport, and more! 
 In January 2020, Jayse Vegas was awarded with the BEST MALE PERFORMER in NYC NIGHTLIFE award, at the 21st ANNUAL GLAM AWARDS at SONY HALL- this made his third year in a row to achieve this.

ROBERT GARCIA Robert Garcia, 28, is a gender binary recording artist from New York City. Since 2015, with the release of, YOU DON’T HAVE TO WAIT, Robert Garcia has been performing original music all across the tri-state area. 

As an androgynous, gender-bending performer, Garcia brings a mesmerizing image, and captivating sound. Their original music can be found on all streaming platforms.  In 2019, Robert Garcia was featured in Sephora’s “WE BELONG “ campaign, which ran across all social media platforms. Robert believes in being yourself and comfortable with who you are, regardless of the social norms. They’re constantly pushing the boundaries, and creating new opportunities for more individuals like them. 2019 was also the release year of  Robert Garica’s debut EP, BOYGIRL. BOYGIRL, was written by Robert Garcia, and seen much success, with hits like GOODBYE LOVE, and HELLY. Robert is currently working on an album, set to drop within the next year.