Mickey Taylor feat. Lostchild - Music Video - The Art of Being Queer

We had the pleasure of speaking with the incredibly talented Mickey Taylor this week to discuss the release of his amazing new music video “Jokes” feat. Lostchild

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. You have had a really successful music career with multiple charting tracks already. For those who may not know, could you tell us a little about the journey to where you are today?

It was something that has become a happy accident overtime tbh. I obviously came from the sex work industry and I began to get some praise and fan base within the industry. I started to do interviews with magazines and one asked me what I did before sex work and I mentioned a background in musical theatre. Fans heard about it and asked to hear so I put up a cover, which evolved into wanting more music which then became my own singles and albums. It wasn’t until my album Surrender this year that I think my sound became more mainstream and it all kinda took off from there really. I’ve been exceptionally lucky. 

You have just released a music video for ‘Jokes’ which looks incredible. Could you tell us a little about the production?

It was a scary time to be honest. Most my videos I’ve had full control. Directing, filming, or had my own internal team work on it. This time we worked with Dale at House Of Androgeny to bring my vision alive and honestly I’m really glad we did. It was nice to see my vision translate from someone else’s mind. It was definitely a struggle mentally to let go and let someone else take the helm but it was a really great day and I learned so much. Callum our dancer was absolutely phenomenal and really worked his butt off for us that day and in a very short time frame. Everyone was a pleasure to work with

You worked on ‘Jokes’ with Lostchild, how did the collaboration come about? 

We had done a single ‘Are You Breathing?’ And people really loved the vibe and new sound. From there we just kept working together and Jokes was one of many songs that we worked on. ‘Jokes’ is from the album ‘Surrender’, which I love! 

Both yourself and Lostchild co-wrote the album together. What was the writing process like?

We wrote it all in about a month. Most of the writing was done by Lostchild. I would write feelings diaries or little verses and then sent to him for him to untangle my mind and put it to paper. We actually didn’t meet until the album was finished and released because of Covid so most of it was done through texts and voice notes. 

You had a transition from your dance music origins to pop. What inspired you to switch it up?

I felt like I had done all I wanted and all I could with the genre. When I first started I was a very insecure performer and lacked the confidence to push myself. Dance music allowed me to hide behind my vocals and my doubts of myself, and auto tune haha! I went away, kept writing and came back wanting to really show I could hold my own as a singer and strip back my vocals and try a new sound and honestly I couldn’t be happier. I see the growth and I can hear it too. This sound and version of me is the most comfortable I’ve ever been.  Who has had the biggest influence on your music and why?

Oh god! Erm... Halsey, Troye Sivan, Bulow, Melanie Martinez, Elohim, Tove Lo, PVRIS, Bea Miller. I love my moody pop. That’s essentially what I’ve always seen myself fitting in music. It took me a while but these people are definitely a big influence to me and people I listen to every day at least twice. 

If you could collaborate with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

I’d love to collab with Bulow, Allie X, or Kim Petras. But I won’t say how or why because I don’t wanna jinx myself haha

If people take one thing away from your music what would you hope it would be?

It’s incredibly honest. I talk about my addictions, my flaws, my happiest moments, weird dreams I have. You name it. My work is my diary.  Outside of your music you are well known for being a model, actor and working for some of the biggest porn studios. How do you manage to balance working on all of these different projects?

I don’t haha I love pressure, I love too much work, I love the struggle. I thrive in stressful environments so for me I like juggling everything and forever finding a balance.  Covid has brought the art world to a standstill and has created a lot of issues for artists. How has the pandemic affected you and what have you been up to?

It’s meant I can’t gig. Which is a big bummer but rather people at home safe rather than at my shows at risk. It’s just a waiting game and hoping politicians can eventually get there sh*t together haha. It has allowed more indie artists space to be seen however. Bigger stars are hesitant to drop music as it’s hard to travel and promote for a few months. So it gave indie a window to be seen. So at least one good thing came out of this awful pandemic. I just hope the arts can fully reopen in the near future if things are safer. Musicals, stage shows are really struggling right now and really lacking government support. I hope they can get back on their feet soon. 

We would like to thank Mickey for taking the time to speak with us. Go check out the new music video if you haven't already and both his and Lostchilds incredible discography.

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