@necro_by_dark - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight’s queer artist feature is @necro_by_dark

Artist Bio:

I'm Jaime, an illustrator from Madrid. I have always liked to express myself through drawing and thanks to social networks, I’ve been able to show it to people around the world.

 In my drawings I often mix the world of fantasy, magic and eroticism, but also romanticism and love. I think since I can remember I have drawn naked people and mixed it with the magical world. It’s true that for last  few years I’ve been expressing a little more my interior and I have dedicated myself by drawing more of the gay world, making couples and men more often.

 In this way, showing, accepting and declaring whom I am, my feelings, opening myself to others, leaving fear aside.

At first, my drawings were all traditional, mixing watercolors with felt-tip pens or pencils. I did not conceive drawing digitally but one day I launched into trying the digital world and today 90% of what I do is actually done digitally. I usually draw on my iPad right now because it is more comfortable for me and I can take it anywhere without having to carry a very large suitcase, but I always go back to the traditional one to play with pencils and watercolors, because I think it gives personality to the draws. With my drawings I try to show myself to others and also show the beauty that exists in all of us, no matter how we are and who we love.

 You will also find in my drawings the color pink, a color that I was always told was a girl color and it’s associated with the feminine side. And with this I want to show that pink is only a color, it is not for girls and not feminine, it is what you want it to be. I have had more acceptance than I was looking for doing this type of image (draws) and I feel awesome about it, since it makes me think that a more respectful world is about to come.

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