NEO 10Y - The Art of Being Queer

2020 has been a busy year for NEO 10Y, seeing the release of four incredible tracks;

ILY, Y, Crackhead Angel and Unrelatable Autosexual.

The themes that run through these are love energy for a utopian future, self-realization and curiosity.

Unrelatable Autosexual

On the surface Unrelatable Autosexual is a moody and tongue-in-cheek grunge-trap-ethereal self-love uber-amplified kinda vibe conversation with the universe, because I do feel we need some of that energy right now. 

It's a self love / self realization track with political undertones to empower us in a time when love energy is the greatest healing force to bring us closer to peace. 

Some lyrics from the bridge are, "In 10 worlds don't you see that for tranquility, we must find a higher level, and for humanity while we're waiting for peace, 420 we can vibe, you're a rebel", which references the healing power of cannabis for consciousness and wellbeing...

...and on a more political wave, "Cos we're self realized and I've opened my eyes, so it's true that I came here for trouble and no I don't want to preach, so get down on your knee, wait I'm you, no you're me, autosexual."

At the core the message is oneness, akin to Stan Yourself but amped up - for world peace. 

Artist bio:

Cerebral and subversive, genre bending post pop from Londoner, NEO 10Y. Intricate narratives and conscious lyricism which decode the bipolarities of human existence are combined with cinematic grunge / industrial rnb production and instrumentation. NEO 10Y is DIY from concept to final product and directs and produces their own hyper reality music videos. "The Kid That Killed Tr*mp" produced in 2016 was a viral success and portrayed a Mickey Mouse impersinator having sex with a man in a Donald Trump mask before being set on fire.

Their songs have been featured by Billboard, Paper, COLORS, Dazed, BBC, The Evening Standard, GQ, Gal Dem, Interview Magazine, plus major Spotify playlists including Cosmic Playlists, Discover Weekly, Your Daily Mix. 

NEO 10Y live shows are 360º immersive experiences which have taken place at concert venues, art galleries and festivals in London, Europe, and the USA. They recently played the main stage at UK Black Pride and for Billboard magazine in New York City.

They are an advocate for conscious leadership and the utopian future of humanity which is brought to life through their sonic landscape, provocative visuals and regular work with the BBC, National Geographic and other outlets.  NEO 10Y also has shared ancestry with Freddie Mercury, who also died on his birthday and was voted one of the most eligible queer bachelors in the world by OUT magazine as well as front campaigns for numerous luxury brands from Gaultier to Louis Vuitton. 




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The Art of Being Queer