Today Paul Usher releases the incredible new Adriano Desire Remix of 'Never Gonna Leave Him'

Akin to a hybrid of Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own’ and Joel Corry/MNEK’s ‘Head & Heart’ collaboration, this self-composed unforgettable Dance/Pop earworm sees Paul embracing his love of 90’s house and is draped in drink-in-hand, heart-on-sleeve, pop realness. Full of bittersweet euphoria, an LGBT love story plays out with tears-on-the-dancefloor and a hands in the air chorus perfect for Pride celebrations and clubs reopening.

‘I’m sure we’ve all experienced bumping into an ex on a night out; it can be gut-wrenching but, as in this case, it also proved how intense our connection still was. The song's about wrestling with the fact that he had a new boyfriend and fighting the fire of lust and jealousy between us.’

Following up the Graham Norton premiered ‘Paper Cups’ which Gay Times called ‘Refreshingly Honest’, and debut ‘Jesus Is A Preston Boy’ which Attitude magazine called ‘A striking first impression...profound’, ‘Never Gonna Leave Him’ is a continuation of the LGBT love story first mentioned in his debut.

‘I saw the first guy I’d ever loved across the dancefloor for the first time since we’d parted ways. Even in the darkness of a club, filled with seemingly thousands of people, we locked eyes, instinctively; the bond has never faltered. I’m sure others can relate to the internal conflict that creates.’

Remixed by Adriano Desire, produced by Paul and Sam Welch this tour-de-force cements Paul’s place as an artist and songwriter to be reckoned with who will not shy away from lacerating his music, lyrics and videos with pride.

Paul Usher

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