@nigel_grimmer_artist - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight's queer artist feature is @nigel_grimmer_artist

Analogue Disruptions is made in collaboration with volunteer queer models from various on-line platforms, such as Instagram and Grindr. I work with these strangers within a relatively short time frame, taking photos and discussing ideas. The photo shoots take place in either the model or photographer’s home.

There is no editing or digital manipulation in the images, so the model can see the final image at the end of the shoot. I think of the shoots as small collaborations, aiming to extend how the queer body is represented.

I like to play with various aspects of photographic illusion in my projects. These images have no editing but I use physical props that look like Photoshop. I aim to confuse the viewer and ask them to question what they are looking at; reminding them that all the photography we see is in some way constructed. I have recently begun to add further disruptions while framing the work. I include objects from the photograph as part of the frame, or physically alter the surface of the print, playing with ideas of reality, representation and scale.

Nigel Grimmer is an internationally exhibiting artist who has won a number of photography prizes in both the UK and US. He is based in London and lectures in Fine Art at The University of Bedfordshire.

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