“No Promises” - Nick Catoire - The Art of Being Queer

Viral Queer Pop Artist, Nick Catoire, Surprises Fans with Debut Single, “No Promises” and says “[Be] Your Own Light”

After many viral moments, queer singer and songwriter Nick Catoire has surprised his fans with his highly anticipated debut single, “No Promises”, available on all streaming platforms.

The collaboration with LA based producer, Long Boy, is a smooth but punchy pop banger.

I was abandoned by my first love. I lived closeted for a long time, and grew up believing I would never be in a relationship. Losing that person made those horrible thoughts real. I was a mess, but I held my head up. That’s what this song is about. Pushing through when you’ve been abandoned by who, or what you think is most important. Being your own light in the dark.”

Armed with a positive, witty personality and vocal chops that would give Sam Smith a run for his money, Nick Catoire is ready to share his story of growing up as a closeted kid in the swamps of Louisiana, surrounded by drug addiction and bigotry.

His mission - celebrate queer culture and share his wild ride of a life.

Riffy, soulful, and a little bit extra, Catoire takes influence from the pop hooks of Sia and the heartfelt vocals of Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse to create music that’s magically upbeat. The New York City based artist uses powerful and relatable lyrics about isolation, heartbreak and empowerment to deliver hooks that won’t get out of your head.

Nick Catoire

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The Art of Being Queer

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