@notquitebeckett - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight‘s fabulous queer artist feature is @notquitebeckett

Artist Statement:

@notquitebeckett is a visual and performance artist from London, England. His visual art is predominantly about constructing alternate realities: Instagram as a platform creates these curated images of our lives, images that are beautiful but ultimately false. Selfies are face tuned, muscles are photoshopped, filters continually add layers and layers onto our faces until we’re no longer recognisable. However, this inability to depict reality is where @notquitebeckett revels in his work. Using photography, illustration and collage, he pushes the saturation up and attempts to elevate fake beauty into an expression of queer anxiety and pain. Colour becomes explosive instead of diluted, landscapes are turned into surreal wastelands, the artist’s face is cut up or covered: a constant enigma as Instagram will never be able to encompass his truth. The work operates as a kind of subversive satire of the realities Instagram tries to pedal us, instead demonstrating the freedom of creativity that The Art of Being Queer celebrates.

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