Olli Hull - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight’s queer artist feature is Olli Hull

My name is Olli Hull.I am a London based artist and designer. Using fashion as my canvas I explore my own identity, hopes, and fears for my generation and our future.

Sustainability and consciousness are integral to my art. I hand paint my designs onto second hand garments, shoes and accessories that I up-cycle.

These images are from a shoot I put together in my garden using my designs, and artwork as backdrops. Through these images I intended to communicate the angst and vulnerability that we must come to terms with in order to grow past 2020.

I shot these images on 35mm expired film and digitally enhanced them. The unknown potential for colour flares and chemical burns resonated with the uncertain yet hopeful anticipation I have for the future.

Website: www.ollihull.com

Instagram : @ollihull

Email : studio@ollihull.com