@olympia.bal - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight’s queer artist feature is @olympia.bal

Artist Statement:

I’m an artist based on Kaurna Land (Adelaide, Australia). Though I haven’t been drawing digitally for very long (three months so far), my intentions have been clear from the start.

Representation is at the core of everything I do. As a queer, disabled, fat woman I’ve lived most of my life feeling like the core aspects of me needed to be changed. I was taught that my body, my gender, my sexuality were all wrong. I create art that I have always wanted to see represented, that I wish my younger self could’ve seen. I hope the people I draw translate as being completely unapologetic in their bodies.

I do not make art to have conversations about health. I make art to demonstrate the importance of accessibility and respect, regardless of a person’s outward appearance.

My work is a political statement and my queerness is at the core of if all.

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