@panoramicambitions - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight's fabulous queer artist feature is @panoramicambitions

Artist Statement:

I am a black bigender illustrator currently recovering from cancer and I am taking my life back one brushstroke at a time. To be a trans artist of color is to exist at the margins of the margins and to feel that you will be mischaracterized at every pass. Creating visual art of classic heroes as lovers is my way of balancing the scales and affirming the legitimacy of our identities and desires, while demanding that the rich interiority of our lives is centered in works and discussions. 

For many artists in the LGBT community, our formative years are devoid of characters and portraits of those that look like us, and in the past decade, finally seeing our stories strung up like wooden marionettes by the hands of straight creators hoping for praise because they have simply "included" us (even if we have no speaking lines, or we are murdered on screen, or we are interchangable with props in terms of the greater narrative-- there to be seen but not heard) has sent a clear message. We should be telling our stories. We should have a seat at the table, not only as sensitivity readers but as writers, and as characters with full agency in compelling narratives. We should be visually represented as lovers, fighters, mentors and trusted members of our communities and we should live to see every moment.