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Tonights fabulous artist feature is the fabulous:


@paolaciar - Photographer: @kuba_ryniewicz

Artist Statement:

Paola Ciarska’s core practice involves small-scale figurative paintings of her “girls”, lounging in vacated homes, posing, smoking, working on laptops, checking Facebook, and streaming images to unknown contacts in the outside world.  They are often surrounded by artworks, Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’, or Dora Maar’s portrait of Picasso, domestic assemblages and images from popular culture, as well as paraphernalia from the worlds of BDSM, camgirls (female webcam performers) and lifecasters.

Paola’s works are often painted as a form of tribute to real rooms and the lives of those who live in them, visiting private houses to collect photographs of things cherished by their owners. Intimate and beautifully crafted to depict complex juxtapositions of art, clothes, pop-culture and technology, they describe an explicitly human present: real homes connected through online networks.

Paola recently participated in a talk entitled ‘Home Girls: An Evening of Women Redefining the Domestic Sphere’, organised by Contemporary Lynx at #Calvert22, London and features in the illustrated book ‘Off the Wall – Art of the Absurd’ published by Visionary. Her recent exhibitions include ‘Cześć, pani Ciarska’ at #IMTGallery, London (2018); ‘Coming Along Nicely’, solo exhibitions at #GlobeGallery and #Gallagher&Turner, Newcastle (2017); ‘Worried Mother’, curated by MILK at #WorkplaceGallery, Gateshead (2016); ‘Feeling Safer’, curated by Mark Jackson at #BrooklynFireproof, New York (2016); ‘Curious? Festival’ at  #BamburghHouse, Newcastle (2016); and ‘BRINK’ at #BalticCentreforContemporaryArt, Gateshead, (2012). She’s currently working on a solo project with Ludovit Fulla Gallery of the Slovak National Gallery and a group exhibition with Workplace Gallery in London. Paola has work in the Hatton Gallery collection.

Paola is currently represented by IMT Gallery - a wonderful contemporary space for intermedia, new media and multimedia art.

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