‘Pet Rock’ - Plain Microwave

After the release of their first two singles ‘Wasting Time’ and ‘Function’, Plain Microwave is now gearing up today for their third official release, ‘Pet Rock’.

Written by London-based, non-binary musician J Downey, this new track was recorded between Den Studios and J’s bedroom between 2019 and the 2020 UK lockdown; enlisting the help of producer and guitarist of Brighton indie Pop outfit Stranger Girl, Andrew Cheeseman, and Evie Schofield — the drummer of the soon to be established live act for Plain Microwave.

Influenced by the worldly sounds of planes flying overhead and the chimes of the

wind in the valley of J’s hometown, ‘Pet Rock’ takes a deviation in production style

from previous releases. This new single favours a more noticeable lean towards 80s

progressive rock that is sewn together by a My Bloody Valentine-esque wall of sound

production, even throwing in a couple of vacuum cleaners and kazoos through

megaphones into the mix for good measure. The result makes for a rhapsody that

features heavy odd-timed riffs, soaring choruses with rich harmonies, a screeching

noise section and a calm, Hendrix style solo before the storm of the outro.

This is a song that was inspired by apathetic conversations about Climate Change

with their peers. To them, it seemed as if we are beginning to lose hope in a time

of crisis while those who deny its existence appear to be gaining in mass. Having

these discussions in the midst of a heatwave, it could be said the single was

literally cooked under extreme temperatures. The end result being a fictional tale

of the day the earth died; a depiction of the rich leaving a burning earth in rocket

ships, whilst the rest of humanity is left to suffer the consequences of the actions

of the one percent. This is a tale told through a radio-filtered vocal sombrely

recalling the sentiments held up until that point.

‘Pet Rock’ is set to be released on October 30th 2020, and is to be the second

single to be taken from the ‘Repeated Graffiti EP’, which is to be announced on the

release day of this single. Alongside the track, a DIY homemade music video with

psychedelic visuals is to be premiered, featuring amateur green screen usage and

shots of the places that inspired the Plain Microwave aesthetic.

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