@queerkingofdiamonds2 - The Art of Being Queer- Artist Feature

Tonight’s fabulous queer artist feature is @queerkingofdiamonds2


"Queer King of diamonds” Is my pseudonym /identity for Gay oriented graphic art as I am in closet as of now. I am a graphic artist from India, art graduate, ex art director, and yeah quiet a late late bloomer.

It took me long to realise my feelings towards men, would say still in process n as a part of it or to cope with it, I started my gay art tumblr to express my loneliness, desires and hidden feelings of love and lust. Later continued on Instagram simultaneously. I love to make simpler graphic art n to present sexuality in simpler and sometimes indirect, suggestive or maybe cute/innocent manner. I like simple plain graphics/minimalism and erotic art so here trying to get them all together.  

Red Men Series:

Although I get bored easily with same work and keep finding new style that I can pull of to express gay art, in the span of the last 4 years my red men series (laal Ishq-  the red love) has become synonymous to queer king's style. Where I explore Red men in various mundane to special Gay couple life or in general gay situations, love/ lust/ chores/ arguments anything, it just open end project I do whatever I can Think of like now red men are being part of Zodiac series.  

FLAG-BEAR-ERS is part of the series made during pride month on Instagram. As name suggests it's a series of illustrations depicting Gay bears with rainbow flag, but what it really stands for is "Diversity".From all the races, skin colours, subcultures, Families, friendships, what holds us together is being Queer!

Sailor series was Just exploring love between sailor n merman , in simple silhouette kind of style.