River Westin 'Silver Lining'

River Westin is back with an amazing new single 'Silver Lining'

'Silver Lining' is a dream-pop track with my usual old western vibe thrown in. The lyrics use storytelling to convey the feeling of being lost in your current stage of life and learning to enjoy the ride. The video plays with that theme of escapism and newfound freedom with a psychedelic twist!

My goal this year is to take the tracks from my latest EP “Candy Cigarettes” and the new singles I’m currently releasing and create a full-length album to release on vinyl later this year.

Artist Bio:

A nineties baby born in upstate New York, River Westin uses his love of vintage sounds and all things nostalgia to craft dreamy indie-pop tracks. His heroes in songwriting include Bruce Springsteen, Brandon Flowers of The Killers and Lana Del Rey. River is also heavily influenced by the retro pop sounds of sixties like Ricky Nelson and Bobby Vinton. He has independently released three EPs and is already working hard on more music as his passion lies in the creative process. River is a self-described "bedroom musician" and is entirely self-taught. With a background in art and design, songwriting has felt like another natural outlet for unleashing creativity. His design and editing skills allow him to create a visual aesthetic that adds another dimension to his music and brings the songs to life. River's mission is to write lyrics and create soundscapes that paint a picture and hit all those angst-filled nerves.

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