roseincorporated_ - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight’s queer artist feature is @roseincorporated_

Artist Statement:

Kévin Bideaux is a French artist, with a multifaceted practice, who dedicates his life to the colour pink, dressing in pink, living in a pink home and creating in a monochrome way. Feminine, sexual, kitsch, punk, naive, queer, sweety or fleshy, he works mainly with pink, the ambiguous symbolism of colour echoing his gay identity and his freak body, but also in continuity with his militant commitments.

He also explores socio-cultural and aesthetic codes with the repertoire of kitsch and humor, by appropriating and diverting objects, materials or forms, often neglected, ignored, when they are not hidden. A division of cultural and artistic productions, whether binary or hierarchical, according to class or gender, is dissolved within its practice which borrows various materials and techniques.

Intervening on his own skin, corporality find a particular and central place in his work. The body is scrutinized, analyzed, sculpted, deformed, fragmented, flayed and exhibited, thus revealing its biological and political mechanics. The artist still explores the ambiguity of sexual intimacy, fertile ground for the exercise of power, in the grip of life and death.

In addition to his artistic work, Kévin Bideaux conducts theoretical research in history, sociology and anthropology of colours, which he crosses with the sciences of art, gender studies and cultural studies.