@ryanstoneroyalty - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight’s fabulous queer artist feature is @ryanstoneroyalty

Photo by @lilacandfernphotography

Artist Statement:

I’m Ryan Stone, a drag king and burlesque performer from Colorado. Performing in drag has given me an platform to express my gender identity without limitations and with total acceptance from others.

Photo by @mw_imagery

Art to me is passion and there’s no better place to express that than on a stage. I love being playful with the audience and seeing the joy in peoples faces when I perform.

Photo by @laphotographi.e

I also love breaking down the traditional gender norms and exploring what feels natural to me. I hope that by living out in the open I can destroy more ignorance and bring people into the light by being truly free. Be the truth, but know that it is a threat to a world constructed on lies. Being yourself can be more exhilarating than any drug.

Photo by Jordana Sturaro

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