"Sad Magic" - Gregory Dillon

After three single releases in 2020, Sad Magic is the anticipated first EP for queer pop artist Gregory Dillon.

Searching to find home, Gregory Dillon wanders a suburban dystopia that resembles both a familiar nightmare and distant daydream in his first EP, Sad Magic. Narrated from dawn to dusk, Dillon’s album yearns to re-explore the complex landscape that both shaped and saddened his adolescents. This complex realization of a stereo-typed, American Dream is a Sad Magic best reflected in solitude.

“It isn’t enough for this album to just be euphoric or mysterious; I also hope to relay something very ordinary, very familiar, and very nostalgic.”

Artist Bio:

Gregory Dillon understands sad pop euphoria. He was primed for it in his suburban boyhood by secretly singing phantom of the opera in his basement and skidding asfalt alone on his green Razor scooter. In an attempt to find confidence in adulthood, Gregory moved to Brooklyn where he began constructing a pop fantasy that re-explores the confusing landscape that shaped his youth.

Gregory Dillon yearns to bring a complex nostalgia to the mind of the listener. With an 80’s stained sound and a fascination for conceptual design, his style caught the eye of publications such as GAYTIMES, BILLBOARD, and BEDFORD & BOWERY - the last of which writes of Gregory’s sound as “pulsing with a yearning to look backward.” Gregory Dillon’s energetic synth-driven production and sensitive vocals are perfect for engaging in escapism.

Gregory Dillon


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