Saturn Satannis - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight's queer artist feature is Saturn Satannis

Artist Bio: 

My name is Saturn Satannis and I would describe myself as an Artist possessed by a Demonic Succubus that has become obsessed with popular culture, art and all things that surround the human condition. 

This combination has made my aesthetic a clusterf*ck of random references stemming from everything that rattles around my unorganized brain resulting in psychedelic sexual mania

I always felt a little lost until I discovered drag. I got a degree in Jewellery and Metal Design Degree at Duncan of Jordanstone which in retrospect I didn’t really want to do but it helped me discover who I was as an artist so I have no regrets, only financial ones

 In my final year of University was when I started using myself as a canvas. My original drag persona was only a fraction as twisted and outrageous as it is now. 

Images 1&2: @crawfordvisual

To get real with you, right after one of my first major outings in drag I became very unwell and my immune system took a horrendous nosedive in the form of a stomach virus that stopped me eating for an entire week. However this immune compromised state also brought with it the sucker punch of this tale: my first and only ever Herpes outbreak. 

Being a very sexual person, this lead me to believe my life romantically was ruined and this manifested itself into Saturn, who became a sexually charged representation of everything I no longer felt I was: desirable.

 However as time passed I got over this and Saturn Satannis bloomed into so much more than that - a fully realized Succubus - who was no longer only interested in seduction but in having a blast on this lump of retched rock and celebrating all aspects of life, not just those surrounding feasting on the flesh of boys

Photography @danielle_stewart_

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