Sehyung Cho - The Art of Being Queer

Tonight's queer artist feature is Sehyung Cho

Artist's bio:

Sehyung Cho (Nickname : Kirinjose)

Milan-based painter, majoring in graphic design in Korea, and fashion design in Milan. He is active in various fields such as graphics, fashion and illustration. To express the male body beautifully with a combination of colors. Mostly watercolor, but all materials such as oil painting and pastel are used.In 2018, he exhibited in Milan under the theme of nude selfies. Seeking to express the beauty of the male body in various ways.

Artist's statement:

I think that nature and people (body) are the most basic and instinctive interest in my art.

I express my own thoughts through these materials. It can be abstract or conceptual, but my primary interest is men. Among them, the body. I can pursue inner masculinity, but it is not easy to express my thoughts to people with pictures at this time. (Glory will be possible.) I want to express the masculine beauty that is revealed on the surface, that is, immediately felt at sight in various ways. In addition, I think that it makes men feel more sexy by expressing the opposite side with this male strength. The hidden opposite appearance of a strong man. (The hidden dark side of the right person..) My current direction is to express and develop these two sides of men on one screen. I want my paintings to be expressed so that the basics are sexy and not inferior, and the strong and weak back side can be seen.

Sehyung Cho

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The Art of Being Queer

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