@sid_effects - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight's queer artist feature is @sid_effects

Artist Statement:

My name is Sidhant. I identify myself as Queer person. Fashion designers, craft lover, a proud son, and a brother. I'm a self-taught artist.

Homosexuality in India has been a subject of discussion ancient times to modern times. Hindu texts have taken positions regarding homosexual characters and themes.

The ancient Indian text Kamasutra written by Vātsyāyana dedicates a complete chapter on erotic homosexual behavior. Historical literary evidence indicates that homosexuality has been prevalent across the Indian subcontinent throughout history and that homosexuals were not necessarily considered inferior in any way until about the 18th century during British colonial rule.

Religion has played a role in shaping Indian customs and traditions. While injunctions on homosexuality's morality are not explicitly mentioned in the religious texts central to Hinduism, the largest religion in India, Hinduism has taken various positions, ranging from homosexual characters and themes in its texts to being neutral or antagonistic towards it.

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