@stevetherabbit10 - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight‘s fabulous queer artist feature is: @stevetherabbit10

Artist Statement:

Stephen Blair studied at Chelsea School of Art under Ken Kiff. His work combines narrative elements drawn from the genres of horror film, pulp fiction, and political cartoons.

Working figuratively with ink, pencil and text, he combines these diverse elements to create confrontational images, that seek to challenge contemporary notions of “gay normality” and to make explicit the subconscious connection between sexual attraction and our desire to destroy (or be destroyed by) the thing to which we are attracted.

My work is heavily influenced by pre-war German “New Objectivity”. A common theme is sex as an act of atavistic, logos-breaking, violence. In it’s most extreme forms, it is at the same time all-consuming & insatiable. Rejecting “normalised” notions of sexual activity, these images are also a reminder of the magical, sacrificial aspect of sex, and its erotic power to liberate us from the “civilised” conventions that bind us to workaday lives, and deny our true nature.

If there really are “monsters”, they exist within us all, no matter how much they may be subsumed by the dead hand of an organised society, and we should not fear to feed it.

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