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Tonight's queer artist feature is @stiofan.artist

Artist Biography & Statement

Stiofan O’Ceallaigh is a multimedia artist (photography, film, poetry and painting)  and curator born in Ireland, currently exhibiting between the USA and Europe. O’Ceallaigh’s focus is an exploration of the understanding of a queer aesthetic, if indeed, there is one. A personal journey and an acknowledgement of flux, O’Ceallaigh’s works seek to emancipate those who know it, simply by promoting discourse around areas such as HIV, queer art censorship, body politic, the art versus porn debate and internalised shame/stigma>pride and fundamentally an effort to reduce hate... in all its forms. O’Ceallaigh is also Founder and Director of Balaclava.Q - An international queer visual art project & collective established 2016 (www.balaclavadotq.net).

Poem A Love Letter to the Florida Straights (2016) written on the day of and as a reaction to the Pulse Nightclub Massacre (Orlando, Florida)

A Love Letter To The Florida Straights We Are The Weeds This is Ground Zero We are many You are not fashionable The hinge is rusty And we bathe in sunlight at night You can pull us up from our roots One by one … You can trample on us One by one You can deprive us of sunlight And piss on us You can let your pooch fire shit bombs from high, high, high, high above But the universal truth is now. We always come back Because we’ve always been here This – “galaxy” is milky We are strong We are resilient We Are Freedom And one day we might even take our dildo collections on the ‘Antiques Roadshow’! We are as pure as you think you are We are solar panels Our love is renewable energy We are Natura And we dance with Gaia in the manic solar wind We Are As natural As pre-cum And the period Period We Are Family We buy steroids from stars on street corners. Orion and the Great Bear Joined together in a cathedral of shooting stars and stripes So The time is here Meteoric rattle Insignificantly on rooftops Love Period Lift up your head and shake!

Poems I Wanna...andI Wanna Ask You A Question Like You Don't Know Me, both written in 2016 and performed at Athens (Greece) annual queer arts festivalCivil Disobedience(the festival's 2016 theme was Poetry & Porn)

I Wanna...

I wanna…

…Fall asleep with my dick inside you /

I wanna taste your citric tears /

I wanna Maud Gonne you /

And Bruce La Bruce all over you /

I wanna…

…Start a riot inside you /

And cross swords

As we piss on pink triangles /

And when you’re not looking…

I wanna…

…Seduce you with sleazy bird song /

… And hate it when you faint /

I wanna light fires as you bathe /

And de-commercialize you /

I wanna…

… un-un you /

Then sheepishly glance at the terror on Terra /

I wanna swap eyes and nightmares /

And breed the strangest stranger within you /

I wanna…

…jizz-jazz beside you /

(After I un-hogtie you) /

I wanna up, down, in, out and on you /

And I wanna hate you and paint you /

I wanna…

… dance the Truvada with you /

I wanna delight in de-lighting in the “dis-ease” /

I wanna write on your ass and heart with spontaneous permanence /

I wanna deprive you of oxygen then breathe over you /

I wanna…

… drink you, lick you, luck you, fuck you /

I wanna plan your fake suicide /

And then laugh at the commander in black in blue hue /

I wanna cum and 35mm you /

I wanna –

… really, really, really, really, really slowly shake your branches /

And then run around you and through you /

I wanna sniff as you snuff me /

I wanna –

I wanna do “nothing in particular”.

I Want To Ask You A Question Like You Don’t Know Me

You said we would fuck in Berlin in 1916

We couldn’t

Because Easter was rising

You said you would suck me off behind the bushes

We didn’t

Because you couldn’t find me

We will metaphorically fist each other in a gallery in ancient Greece

We can

I’ll be wanting


And it’s a big “but”

I want you to answer a question like you don’t know me

Can you do that?

Even after we meet?

For the very first time?

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