Suki Wang - The Art of Being Queer

Tonight's queer artist feature is Suki Wang

Artist Bio:

Graduated from communication and graphics at Central Saint Martins (I'M A TYPICAL WEIRDO) my dream is to look beyond everyday life and find new things and make them better. Got into fashion editorial after my graduation, mainly art directing and styling. My concept is to bring my illustration work to life. Before I walk into a shoot I simply draw out what I want the mood the color the composition to be and my team will have a clear idea on what ill to directing.

Concept wise I’m always inspired by the ides of ‘identity’ as well as how nature can be apart of our everyday life. My style is a touch of high fashion mix with Asian mythology. Standing between two to three dimensions, where I draw my mythological creature on top of my editorial shoot.

I’m seeking, I’m striving constantly towards everything living being there is on earth. My life has really changed ever since I took part in LQFS as the MUA designer as well as backstage vallenteer. The fact that no matter who you love, what you are you can all be on the runway and shine. Very proud to to be part of the team. Creativity takes courage, like being a queer person growing up in a society that forces you to conform, it’s about founding out who you truly are.

Suki Wang


The Art of Being Queer

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