‘Taking Up Space’ - TeawhYB

TeawhYB is back with the amazing new single ‘Taking Up Space‘

“Taking Up Space” When you look up in the sky, can you distinguish the stars from the satellites? In an age where facts get played off as "fake news", we seek our own answers to determine truth. In America, we've fallen into two realities, divided by party and built on fear, while the powers at be simply "do their jobs". Helplessly drifting and hoping for peace, we go through the motions and feel as if we're just "Taking Up Space". Introspective, anthemic, and philosophical yet disguised in this fun, pop-blended jam

Shot and edited by: Walter Mueller

Directed by: Tyler Baumgart Special

Thank You: Jason "Jay" Janc

Starring: TeawhYB as "Shaggy"

Jem Stone as "Daphne"

Miles Blvd as "Fred"

Naalia as "Velma" Justin Anderson as


asked Dognapper" Berkeley as "dog"


Originating from Green Bay, WI and formerly noted for his college-life, party-induced sound, Alt-Hip-Pop artist TeawhYB took a hiatus from a budding music career while coming to terms with his personal identity. He has since redirected his auditory creativity in a kind of metamorphosis, so to speak.

“From a caterpillar to a butterfly,” says TeawhYB, “it’s like that break I took was my cocoon, it allowed me to grow, mature and evolve to the point where there’s no way my music could be the same…because I wasn’t.”

His 2020 EP, What We Were, a blend of nostalgic early 2000s pop-punk and modern Top-40 Rap, is an all-too-real tale characterizing the ambiguity of hook-up and dating culture. Notably "Ms You" has been featured on Youtube Channel Bangers Only with over 800K subscribers.

Whether it's blending country-rap-and pop into the Summer smash Cabin or conjuring up the "Bob Ross Dance" to club banger Dance All Night, TeawhYB's versatility finds it's way into the ears of all.



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