"thanksgiving day (all around)" - trout baseline

trout baseline is back with the amazing "thanksgiving day (all around)"

trout baseline

The concept behind trout baseline, nor the Virginia music scene are new to Ryan Lee. Based in Charlottesville, the VCU grad cut his teeth as a multi-instrumentalist performing as a sideman and producer/arranger with various groups throughout the Commonwealth including: Free Union, Erin & the Wildfire, Will Overman, and many more. After almost a decade of writing, Ryan finally felt it was time to start his own project, so after coming off the road due to COVID-19 shutting down touring, trout baseline was born.

Drawing from influences including: Sufjan Stevens, Matt Corby, Prince and David Bowie, trout baseline's music is a juxtaposition of dark and light pop-influenced melodies with a foundation firmly built on jazz and funk pedagogy.

Though his project's namesake is shrouded in myth as to its origin (its been with Ryan for several years though living primarily as his social media handle), trout baseline is not a character, but an extension of who Ryan is. Visually and sonically, trout baseline exists in an almost pastel landscape devoid of neon color, matching how Ryan naturally sees the world having been born colorblind and as a member of the LGBTQ community.

"thanksgiving day (all around)" is the second single from his upcoming EP, (a)round (releasing Nov. 13). Unlike the mysterious and vibey debut single "5", "thanksgiving day (all around)" sounds and feels more like a song you can dance to walking down the street with its Prince-style guitar riffs, Bruce Hornsby synth pads and floating keys, and Haim-esque arrangement. "thanksgiving day (all around)" is a song about getting older, losing the self-assuredness of your youth, and realizing there is nothing you can do about it, but accept it.

"thanksgiving day (all around)" features contributions from: Drums and Mixing from Garrett Moore, Mastering from Adrian Olsen at Montrose Recording Studio

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