“The Runway Witch” - Toast, Binx, and Secret Queen - The Art of Being Queer

Today's feature is a collaboration between Toast, Binx and Secret Queen with "The Runway Witch", the incrdible EP and fashion collection.

“The Runway Witch” is a collaborative digital drag fashion show presented by three local drag performers from Boston, Massachusetts — Binx, Toast, and Secret Queen. The fashion show consists of a collection of 30 original drag fashion pieces. The looks are designed, created and worn by “The Runway Witch” herself, Binx [@thatsbinx]. Binx’s designs aim to weave a narrative inspired by the powerful and more macabre women she grew accustomed to seeing on TV as a child. The show is set to an original score of energetic and soul-stirring beats produced by Toast [@toastdrag].

Toast’s main objective was to create music that compliments the dark and industrial aesthetic of Binx’s garments. Drawing inspiration from the halloween season and horror cinema, Toast’s catchy and haunting instrumentals are sure to get caught in your head. The project’s visual director/videographer, Secret Queen [@itssecretqueen], utilizes Boston’s cityscape to create an atmosphere to match the both fashion and music. Filming in a dingy basements, vacant streets, back alleys, and surrounded by New England’s fall foilage, the show has a visual presence that reflects the season of the witch.

"The Runway Witch EP is the official soundtrack from Binx's debut fashion collection of the same name. The EP features haunting, industrial house music, 80's horror synth-wave, and experimental rave queerness that brings the listener into the haunted streets of Boston, the perfect backdrop for Binx's iconic looks. The Runway Witch EP is available on all major streaming platforms now!

Finally a massive thank you to Toast from The Art of Being Queer for being a part of our community from day one and for the fabulous instrumentals we still use to this day in the podcast! Make sure you go watch and stream "The Runway Witch"


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