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Artist Statement:

Theo Tams is a singer/songwriter from Toronto, Ontario most well known for his soulful and emotional delivery of songs written from personal experience and heartbreak. Theo often goes where not many artists are willing to go, diving into vulnerable subject matter like abuse and addiction. It is in these vulnerable spaces that we truly see his strength as an artist. Giving the listener the chance to feel as though someone has been in their shoes and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. His voice is unparalleled as he is often compared to some of the best voices in the industry today, such as Sam Smith and James Blake. Currently working on his 4th studio album, Tams is working with producer Andrew Martino and says that he is experimenting with new sounds and new subject matter. His latest release, The Last Song, is his strongest release to date; an incredibly powerful song about the after effects of an abusive relationship and the corresponding video takes the emotion to incredible new heights for a voice that deserves to be a staple in the music industry for years to come. 

The Last Song:

Every artist has that song. The song that broke them to write. The song that breaks them to perform.  The Last Song is that song for me. I wrote it about 2 years ago with my friend Ari Rhodes and it has remained one of the most personal songs I’ve written.  A decade ago, I found myself in a relationship that to this day, impacts me in a way that continues to have an affect on my life, my choices, and my self image. It wasn’t a long relationship, maybe 15 months max, but in that 15 months I completely lost touch of who I was because I was constantly made to believe that who I was would never be enough. Theo, why do you always have to be so serious about everything?!  And then when I wasn’t serious, why do you always have to be the centre of attention? Theo, why can’t you just chill the hell out sometimes? You’re always so uptight! But then when I let loose, I was a show off or a diva. Theo, you really need to toughen up! But then when I toughened up, apparently I wasn’t willing to be vulnerable. It was 15 months of this emotional warfare. And for nearly 2 years after, I tried to win this personal back by trying to be everything they could ever want.  The professional but still chill guy. The confidence show off but still vulnerable. The logical guy but still a carefree diva. It took 2 years (and therapy lol!) to realize that I was not the problem. I was never the problem. Sure, I have my weaknesses and my faults. We all do. But do not let anyone use your weaknesses or your faults to manipulate you into being something that you’re not. I’m still learning that, but I trust it now more than ever. After spending years and years trying to put all these thoughts into one single song, and failing miserably time and time again, I finally wrote it. It came out of me within the hour.

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