@thetylerholmes - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight's queer artist feature is @thetylerholmes

TYLER HOLMES (They/Them) is a music producer, singer-songwriter, composer, writer, visual and performance artist who uses music as a therapeutic device. Holmes creates a manic digital-age take on soul singing by blending a variety of vocal genres including R&B, Folk,Goth and Gospel. Autobiographical and absurd, their writing is alluring and uncomfortable. Both brutal and beautiful, bringing the audience into a shared space of healing and catharsis. They perform with constantly changing electro-acoustic arrangement, always finding new ways to showcase an intimate horror. Exploring the remaining human element in an increasingly technological society. 

Winter 2019/2020 they curated and hosted a performance series for Trans, Black and Brown, Femme and Queer performers  to showcase new acoustic arrangements entitled ‘FemTV Unplugged’ at 2727 California Street Gallery in Berkeley. This Summer they released a new two song EP ‘Nothing’ in anticipation of their forthcoming LP ‘Nightmare In Paradise’ which will be released this Fall on vinyl via Ratskin Records.

“Nothing” serves as an intimate exploration of the effects of trauma on Black, Brown, Queer bodies, moving inward following the themes of Holmes’ prior music video ‘Two Tylers.’ Following a couple who mirror each other’s actions and appearances, triggering their knot of tender and brutal memories, this disorienting film reveals the cycles holding and upheld by survivors of violence.

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