Thomas Jehan - Retrograde - The Art of Being Queer

Thomas Jehan is a twenty-year-old singer and songwriter from Brighton, England. He draws inspiration from the likes of Bowie and Sinatra, as well as more contemporary artists such as Lorde, Robyn, St Vincent and The 1975.

His music follows themes of love, love-loss, and coming of age. The self-described ‘hopeless romantic’ is unafraid of sharing his personal experiences in a particularly heart-on-sleeve manor. His latest single, Retrograde, is the title track of his upcoming debut EP and serves as his statement of intent:

“I realized I was in a relationship that wasn’t able to go any further. It wasn’t healthy for either of us, and we had to accept it was time let go … but neither of us could. For me, this track pinpoints the exact moment that I decided I was going to just have fun – because, if nothing in my life was going right… then I could do no wrong.”

The Retrograde EP will be released later this year.



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