@thomasevansphotography - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight's queer artist feature is @thomasevansphotography

Artist Statement:

My photography is fueled by the clashing chaos of contradictions: play & provocation, masculine & feminine, titillation & torment, fear & freedom.  When these opposite sides of a spectrum meet, there is a charged, often taboo-area that becomes electric.  That is when I snap my shutter.  My goal is to challenge the viewers of my work; show them another point of view that is not readily accepted by society at large. I want them to stop in their tracks and think, “Huh, I’m uncomfortable and yet, how beautiful!”  I want each of my photographs to challenge not only a viewer’s accepted truths about gender, class, and glamour, but also each portrait's subject.  My work strives to push each photo's subject out of their comfort zone.  I believe it is within that novel inner struggle that true empowerment and transformation becomes possible.

To challenge what is expected I capturer subjects in an intentionally controlled and manipulated studio environment.  Studio lighting is contorted to highlight the unexpected and models are posed in provocative postures.  My overall hope is that my work will lead people further along towards the goal of acceptance, tolerance, and equality.

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