@TITIRITI.ES - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonights fabulous queer artist feature is TITIRITI

TITIRITI is a brand of hand-painted paper puppets centered around the odd, the surreal, and the wholly queer. An artform following a several hundred-year-old Czech tradition of puppetry is brought into the contemporary world for adults to play in. All that is needed to bring the fabulously delightful puppets to life is a stroke of whimsy, a sense of humor and a pair of scissors.

Artist Statement:

Martin Kámen, a master of art, creates detailed and precise paper puppets with respect to this tradition, which has been registered by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Heritage of Humanity since 2016, as well as the cultural influence of the LGTBQ+ scene. Martin Kamen studied at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts and lived in Prague until 2015 when he moved to Barcelona where he taught at the Estudio Nómada Art School.

Since 2012, when the theater performance ‘Salome Brut’ was created in Theater La Fabrica, for which he created stage design, costumes and a number of puppets, he has dedicated himself to the artistry of puppets. He has been living in Madrid since 2019.

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